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At thousands of businesses in the United States, employees own a majority of their company's stock. These "employee-owned" companies employ millions of people who each have the ability to say "I am an owner of this company." Employee-owners are often more engaged and committed to providing superior products and services. To encourage the connection between the financial stake and entrepreneurial behavior, employee-owned companies often practice a participatory management style that encourages all employees to "think and act like owners"


CCEO Intro & MIssion

The California Center for Employee Ownership is an independent not-for-profit corporation that operates  in cooperation with many other state and regional centers around the country

Our goal is to be sure that as the owners of closely held businesses around the State approach their retirement, they have a full understanding of all the options available to them to create liquidity for themselves as they retire and to leave a business legacy of which they can be proud.  We pick up where most of the M & A firms leave off: with the idea that many times, the best market for a closely held business will be its own employees.


California at a Glance


Employee-Owned Companies

1 MM

Employee Owners

$100 B

Net Assets

$30 K

Average Account Balance


​Private business represents the backbone of the US economy.​​ Within the next several years, a large percentage of the corporate wealth in the U.S. will change hands as Baby Boomers retire. As business owners seek to sell, jobs and communities are at risk.



Sell some or all of your business to your employees

Sellers get the full fair market value for their shares.  

Employees get a retirement benefit that can be as much as 4x what they could have expected otherwise-without risking their own savings.   

Company gets tax and financial benefits that are unequaled.  

Communities get a stable corporate citizen that adds to their wealth while supporting their members with good stable jobs. 



The CCEO provides information to business owners and employees of California-based businesses on employee ownership options, financial and tax implications, and the variety of possible legal and organizational structures, and sources of financing.


We also: sponsor ownership succession and other workshops, outreach to small business owners who are contemplating retirement, educate professionals who work with small businesses about employee ownership, create profiles of existing successful employee-owned companies in California, present to Rotaries, Chambers of Commerce, or other business groups interested in a gaining basic understanding of employee ownership, and introduce the idea of employee ownership to students in California schools and universities.

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